Pubs, Bars, Hotels & Restaurants

Benches For Pubs, Bars, Restaurants & Hotels

Our heavy duty outdoor wooden benches are ideal to give your guests a place to sit and relax with their drinks and food. 

Important Health & Social Benefits

Relaxing in the not only helps with stress levels with a place to sit and think but also encourages social benefits. It provides a perfect place for sitting and chatting with friends or new people.

Long Lasting Benches

Our heavy duty benches are made to the highest quality so they will last a lifetime of guests sitting on them! We also have protective covers for winter periods. 

For Extra Security

Here at Wealden Benches we have a range of security fixings to ensure they stay where they are meant to stay! These include anchors for soft and hard ground so they remain in place for everyone to enjoy.

Speak to us Today

Our team at Wealden are dedicated to ensuring you get the right bench for your business needs. Speak to our team today about what we can offer and the full range of commerical benches we have available.

Benches For Sports Clubs & Grounds