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  • 21/03/2020

    Wealden Benches & COVID-19

    Wealden Benches & COVID-19

    We understand this is a difficult & scary time for people across the UK, so we wanted to provide some insight into how we are addressing people's (including our) concerns at this difficult time.

    covid wealden benches
    Any of our staff who are feeling unwell or showing flu like symptoms are requested to stay at home for a period of 7 days and self-isolate. We are sanitising hands, phones and door handles regularly throughout the day, keeping a sensible distance between colleagues and the public and no longer shaking hands. We want to ensure as best possible everyone is happy & healthy in our work environment & our customer's homes.

    For people who are self-quarantining at home, we realise our garden benches can be an escape into outdoor 'safe' areas. Our teak benches can be safely wiped with anti-viral hand sanitisers.

    Our team will continue to be available over the phone and email and we are still delivering our fully assembled benches across the UK, even to houses in quarantine (although benches are left outside the front door, as our delivery teams we will not bring benches inside properties).

  • 09/03/2020

    Spring is on its way......

    Hurrah! Winter is almost over and with spring fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about getting your garden summer ready.

    Spring is that time of year to get everything refreshed and feeling great, to dust of those gardening gloves, shake off those wellies and get your garden bloomin’ lovely for the up and coming year.

    small garden bench sitting in the garden

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  • 06/11/2019

    Take a seat, a view from a garden bench

    We are the generation who are non stop, the ones who lead busy lives and who rarely stop but what if we did? What if we just took some little moments out of our lives to sit and take in the nature around us. Garden benches whilst not always at the forefront of our minds actually can in turn provide us with an invaluable place to sit, collect our thoughts and take in the world around us. 

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  • 08/10/2019

    Transforming a Patio with a 2 Seat Teak Bench

    As the UK population grows and space becomes more and more tight, we find living spaces that whilst perfect to us and very cosy the need for space can be troubling. Whilst this would be a huge issue smaller spaces are a great place for many couples to embark and start their journey of life together. Smaller homes often come with very little outdoor space and so it can be difficult to fully utilise it and ensure that we get the most from it. 2 seat teak garden benches are perfect for providing a small outdoor area or small patio with a functional and almost romantic place of comfort. 

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  • 08/10/2019

    From University Lecture Halls to Personalised University Benches

    Often overlooked University Benches can provide a fantastic place outside the classroom so to speak for a whole host of activities. In this blog we discuss what really can personalised university benches provide and how they really are much more than a bench at a university.

    University Teak Wood Personalised Bench

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  • 20/03/2019

    Traditional seating for schools

    Well designed and sturdy teak wooden benches are ideal for commercial places areas with high traffic whilst still retaining that traditional look. Although many commercial benches look the same on photographs, there are many variations in design and construction. To ensure longevity, make sure they have the following attributes;

    commercial wooden benches

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  • 20/03/2019

    Teak Garden Benches - a perfect addition to your garden!

    All of our garden benches are beautifully constructed out of solid Teak wood and are a perfect way to relax and enjoy your garden. There is no better way of starting the day than sitting in the sun on a garden bench with a beautiful view.


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  • 20/03/2019

    Happy Mother's Day!

    As Mother's Day is just a round the corner and spring is on the way, why not treat your Mum and let her know that it is ok to stop for a few minutes in a day, rest her feet and enjoy a view!

    Our Commemorative Garden Benches can be personalised with your special words either engraved permanently into the wood or onto a plaque.

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  • 18/04/2018

    A Guide to Choosing the Best Family Bench For Your Garden

    Spring is the best weather for enjoying your garden. One way to do this is with an outdoor garden bench. These are good for relaxation, meals and even stargazing on late summer nights as they offer both comfort and elegance. For families that enjoy spending time outdoors in their gardens, a bench is an invaluable addition. There are however a lot of benches available out there and deciding the best one for your family becomes a rather difficult task, especially if you do not know what to look for. Here is a guide that will enable you to get the perfect bench for your garden instead of ending up with an uncomfortable eyesore.

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  • 28/02/2018

    Happy St David's Day

    This welsh festival celebrates a historic battle against the Saxons. The story tells of Welsh soldiers losing the battle until a Monk noted the need to distinguish the Welsh from the Saxons.



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