Our Environmental Policy

Sustainability is very important to us, where we source our wood from could have a direct impact on the environment if we do not take it seriously. 

Our factories are required by law to have SVLK certification to conform with new EU laws (FLEGT) on importing Teak. We receive the The Green Leaf™ Eco Standard (GLES) certificate to verify this process. This demonstrates a firm, authentic and effective commitment to sustainability, both towards the environment and socially. Rest assured our products are from sustainable sources which is sometimes not the case elsewhere.

Wealden Benches source all of our Teak directly from the Indonesian Government who certify that the logs used are legal and meet all applicable Indonesian Laws and Regulations. The certification that we receive helps reduce illegal logging by providing evidence that timber is from verified legal sources and by providing specific information on the original source of the timber, ensuring these great trees can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Every container of Teak Benches that arrives into the EU, BY LAW, must have a certificate. 

Click here to see a sample certificate of ours.