Sports Clubs & Grounds

Benches For Sports Clubs & Grounds

Ideal for any sports club and ground for spectators to sit and enjoy the game. Whether its a cricket ground, rugby club, bowling green or other sports club. Our wooden, teak benches are the perfect addition to outside any club house. 

Recognise The Important People

Our teak benches are manufactured in a full range of styles, colours and wood which then can be personalised and engraved with your choice of inspirational words, names of those who have contributed to the sports club significantly or no longer around. These benches can be enjoyed by everyone and also be a nice reminder of the important people that deserve recognition for their work within the club. 

Long Lasting

For community level clubs we know that finances are limited which is why our benches are ideal as they are made to last a lifetime. Many generations that come through the sports club doors will be able to enjoy them for years to come. 

For Extra Comfort & Security

For extra comfort whilst watching the game we have a range of cushions in various colours. To protect the bench during colder, winter periods our protective covers keep your bench from the British rain and cold. Also you might be thinking of security as you don't want your bench or benches to be stolen after spending club funds on them - we have a range of anchors for soft and hard ground to keep them in place. 

Speak to us Today

Our team at Wealden are dedicated to ensuring you get the right bench for you. Speak to our team today about what we can offer and the full range of commerical benches we have available.

Benches For Sports Clubs & Grounds