5th Wedding Anniversary (Wood) Gift

5th Wedding Anniversary GiftTraditionally, for 5th wedding anniversary is the year of wood. What better way to celebrate five wonderful years together than with a personalised 5th wedding anniversary wooden gift as special to your loved one?

The History of Wedding Anniversaries

It originated in the Roman Empire times when husbands gifted their wives with a silver wreath on their 25th anniversary and a gold wreath on theair 50th anniversary. The addition of more anniversaries being represented by a particular gift was as a result of 20th century commercialism. 

The names of most of the anniversaries provide guidance for appropriate or traditional gifts for the spouses to give each other.  Of if a milestone anniversary and there's a party it gives the guest a theme for gifts. 

Daisy is the flower gift for the 5th wedding anniversary, instead of buying her daisies which will wilt and die in weeks, why not engave a daisy onto a bench to last forever?

All our benches can be personalised with a plaque or wood engraving of your choice to make it one of a kind – the beauty of bespoke wooden gifts! They arrive fully assembled after being handcrafted with traditional methods. Take a look at our quality benches…