Retirement Benches

Retirement Benches

Retirement benches manufactured in a full range of styles, colours and wood which then can be personalised and engraved with your choice of words or names are a memory which can last forever and can be enjoyed by everyone. A personalised retirement bench gift are the perfect way to mark this milestone in your life or for a loved one, but what is retirement and how did it come about? 

What is Retirement? 

The period of a person’s life during which they make the decision to no longer work is referred to as when they retire, or the commencement of a period when they reach a required age. Many individuals choose to retire earlier or later due to personal or financial reasons but retirement is a significant milestone in a person’s life. 

The History of Retirement

Believe it or not retirement as a concept is fairly new; it came about as overall life expectancy has increased. Just one hundred years ago, the concept of retirement did not exist whatsoever. It was only when there was an onset of government retirement benefits created that it came into force.

In the UK the current age for retirement is age 65 if you’re male, and for many years it was age 60 for women however this is no longer the case. The age now set for woman born between April 6, 1950, and December 5, 1953, is now age 64 but this is set to rise again in November 2018.

How to Celebrate Retirement

Whether you’re looking for a special way to mark your own retirement or that or a loved one, family member or friend then we have the perfect retirement gift. Whilst parties where you can invite everyone to celebrate your achievement or long-awaited trips around the world or to a place of interest are common and can create amazing memories it isn’t something you can physically have. 

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