Traditional seating for schools


Well designed and sturdy teak wooden benches are ideal for commercial places areas with high traffic whilst still retaining that traditional look. Although many commercial benches look the same on photographs, there are many variations in design and construction. To ensure longevity, make sure they have the following attributes;


Teak Wood - Industry acknowledged as the best timber for outdoor wooden furniture due to its naturally occurring high levels of oil and silica.

Heavy Gauge Framework - Large 6cm x 6cm or extra large 8cm x 8cm framework, like our Great Maytham Extra Heavy range of commercial benches, ensure benches will endure heavy traffic.

Seat Supports - Check there are additional structural timber runners under the seat. This gives extra support when benches are stood on or laden with heavy weight.

Superior Construction - Commercial Benches should be made form high grade teak which is expensive to source, not cheaper grades that have less naturally occurring oils and will not last the test of time. All should be teak doweled not bolted together.

Expensive Glues - Commercial Benches should be glued using expensive branded polyurethane expanding foam and clamped over night otherwise joints can work loose and then fail.