Happy St David's Day


This welsh festival celebrates a historic battle against the Saxons. The story tells of Welsh soldiers losing the battle until a Monk noted the need to distinguish the Welsh from the Saxons.



The monk, David, picked up a leek from the ground and told the Welsh soldiers to wear one in their helmets. Now all the Welsh soldiers were marked with a leek, they were able to defeat the Saxons. When the Monk died on March 1st, the church made him a saint and the leek became the Welsh symbol.

The welsh for Happy St Davibuy-a-personalised-garden-bench-for-st-davids-dayds Day isDydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! Why not mark this special day, with a lasting reminder of St David, with a stunning Commemorative garden bench engraved with leeks, daffodils or the Welsh flag along with your own personal message.