From University Lecture Halls to Personalised University Benches


Often overlooked, University Benches can provide a fantastic place outside the classroom so to speak for a whole host of activities. In this blog we discuss what really can personalised university benches provide and how they really are much more than a bench at a university.


Students, a group of individuals who make up a university. But the reality is so much more than that definition, these are the future generation whom will be shaping our communities and our buy-a-commercial-wooden-bench-for-universityworld in years to come. The people who will go on to make ground breaking discoveries, create incomprehensible technologies and change life as we know today. With that in mind is is of extreme importance that we provide them with the support, tools and essentials they need to assist them on the path to success both physically and emotionally.



It is often joked about that many students simply enter into university life predominantly to have a good time and for the social element of the whole experience. Whilst sometimes this can be frowned upon social interaction is an essential need for us as humans. We thrive on being able to interact and to communicate and share elements of our lives with others. Outside the university lecture halls sometimes everyone can be so busy, rushing around to and from lectures however it is important to get the work and social balance. University benches when placed appropriately can provide the perfect place for such interactions to occur. They can be invaluable at proving a meetup point for social interactions with people whom we know but also with others who we may not. 

Ask yourself how many times you have sat down on a bench and someone else has come along, requested if anyone was sat there and joined you onto to then embark on a conversation? It happens all the time and universities are no different. 


We all learn best in different environments and in different circumstances. Whilst some will thrive and have the confidence within a University Lecture Theatre or Classroom many would prefer to be a little more reserved and take time out on their own outside somewhere in order to continue their work or studies. Many people feel at one with nature and just simply love being outdoors as opposed to being cooped up in a classroom environment. 

University benches placed on campus can provide almost like little study zones where students are able to sit down, to breathe in the fresh air and to settle down with a book or laptop and begin their studies. Many would absorb more information in this particular setting especially when the weather is nice which sometimes living in England can be a bit touch and go however nonetheless campus benches are great at providing a handy place to study. 


Emotions can run high whilst studying at university. Whether it is the pressure of a particular course, assignment or exam or other external factors such as finances or relationships. Sometimes it all gets too much and as humans our instinct is simply to shut it all out or to hide or simply to remove ourselves from that situation in the hope a solution will be sought. 

On many university campuses regularly we see people comforting others who perhaps have come to take a seat on a bench in order to take some much needed time out. This time is essential for them to get themselves back into check, to a place emotionally they need where they can feel strong enough again to deal with whatever problem or issue they may be facing. 

Reflection benches on campuses are a great way of providing students with their own space, outdoors that they can simply have five minutes. Let’s face it, we all need a bit of peace and our own time every once in a while. 

Information Points 

One of the more historical aspects of going to university is hearing about those who came before. Finding out about the history that led the university to be what it is today can be somewhat extremely interesting. Similarly finding out famous and groundbreaking people who we look up to have attended a particular university can leave a lasting mark. 

With the above in mind many universities themselves or particular buildings within a university are named after certain individuals, we see the same for some of the university benches that are installed. Placing a bench outside a particular department, dedicated to a famous scientist for example outside a science building with an interesting quote or information about said person can be a real good topic of conversation but also a fantastic information point. 

Dedicating benches in such way can also strangely provide people with knowledge or a point of reference of knowing where they actually are as university campus can sometimes be rather large in size. 


Finally we do see a lot of personalised benches installed at particular universities in remembrance of someone special, maybe a student who didn’t get to finish their journey, or a lecturer or teacher who dedicated so much and sadly lost their lives. These are always a popular choice where university has perhaps played a key part within that person's life. 

Whatever the reason it goes without saying that there are many more reasons for universities to install benches that go way beyond practicality. Next time your wandering around a university campus why not take a look at the benches you see, remember the alternative uses they actually can provide.