Bench Protective Covers & Cleaner

Bosmere Garden Bench Covers | Protective Bench Cover | Weatherproof Covers For Garden Benches

One thing we can never fully predict, hard as we may try, is the weather. After investing in a beautiful bench, you will want to keep it looking as fresh and clean as the day you bought it. If you know your bench will be going through some seasonal periods when it may not be in use, it could be a good idea to consider getting one of our protective covers. 

Because all of our benches are made from high quality teak wood, they need to have a sufficient air flow to allow the wood to breathe, and cheap polythene and polyester covers won’t allow this – they suffocate the wood, causing mould to build up, ruining the appearance of your bench. Our range of bosmere covers protect your bench from the elements, due to the breathable fabric used to make them. And as with everything we make, the covers we supply are designed to last.