Bench Quality

Traditionally Joined Teak Garden Benches | Highest Quality Materials |10 Year Guarantee | Sustainably Sourced

Whether you’re buying a garden bench, commercial bench, or a celebration bench, you will want to be confident that you are getting a high quality product. There is nothing worse than buying something under the impression that it will last a lifetime, only to find that it starts to deteriorate after a few months.

At Wealden Benches, we pride ourselves on only producing the highest quality products. We’ve been in business for nearly 20 years, meaning we have developed a great deal of industry knowledge, knowing which materials and processes to use to give consistently superior results.

While some manufacturers use cheaper woods such as iroko, oak, pine, eucalyptus and mahogany to try and cut costs, we only use the highest quality solid teak for our benches – teak is widely recognised in the industry as the most durable wood for any outdoor use, meaning your bench will last for years.

We won’t accept any less than the best for our customers, so make sure that all the plantation teak wood we use has been dried and manufactured to the highest standards, meaning we can ensure quality and offer you a five year guarantee.

We have a team of highly skilled joiners who use strong polyurethane glues and teak dowels to make fully machined joints, giving a high level of rigidity, strength and durability to all of our products. And because we source high quality teak that is rich in silica and rubber, we don’t need to apply any extra finish to our benches, apart from a fine sanding.

With our CNC computer engraving machine we can customise your bench with a personalised message, quote, date or image, further adding to the quality of your bench.

Finally, please bear in mind that high quality solid Teak Benches that are designed and manufactured to last, are expensive to make.


Bench Aftercare

 At Wealden Benches, garden bench, commercial bench and celebration bench we supply will be delivered fully assembled, sanded, and ready to use straight away. We take pride in the high quality of all of our benches, and build them to last a lifetime.

Some other manufacturers will use cheaper types of wood like iroko, oak, pine, eucalyptus and mahogany to try and cut costs, but these cheaper woods can rot if left outside all year. We only use the highest quality teak wood, which contains high levels of natural rubber and silica. This means that our benches can sit outdoors all year round without you needing to worry about them rotting.

When your Bench is delivered it has been fine sanded only. Teak naturally contains high levels of oil and silica which is why we recommend that you do not treat your Bench. Allow it to naturally weather outdoors and your Bench will turn, over a period of months, pale and then a graceful silver colour. The time scale for this process will vary from Bench to Bench and the environment in which your Bench is situated. This is perfectly normal behaviour for what is essentially a natural product and will not affect the strength, performance or life expectancy of your Bench.

It is very normal for dirt, algae and bird lime to accumulate over a period of time on your garden Bench, if it is left outside and open to the elements. To clean your garden Bench try scrubbing using a firm nylon brush with warm soapy water or if you have access to a high pressure water washer, use at a distance and gradually move forward until you see the dirt being removed. We also sell a Teak Cleaner which will chemically clean your Bench. After this, you may want to consider investing in a Breathable Cover from us to place over your Bench to keep it clean when not in use.

Although we do not recommend it, Teak oils and Danish oils can be applied for aesthetic purposes but only on bare, clean timber and within a few days of purchase. Regular re-treatments must be applied every 4-6 weeks. Please read individual product instructions for full details before use.

Do not apply oils to a Bench that is damp, dirty or silver due to ageing as your Bench will turn black.

As Teak is a natural product, the wood will naturally swell and absorb moisture when the atmosphere is damp and shrink when the atmosphere is drier. This process may result in fine cracks appearing and is referred to as End Grain Cracking (although these fine cracks may appear anywhere on your Bench) and is what we would expect to happen with every Bench we sell. These cracks will in no way affect the strength, performance or life expectancy of your Bench and are purely aesthetic. You can apply a small amount of PVA glue to these fine cracks, when they appear in the warmer months, and sand off with fine paper along the grain.

If you need to remove any stains or marks on your Garden Bench such as wine or lichen residue, rub a fine sand paper along the grain