The story of Wealden Benches can be traced back to 2001, when a tropical storm left owner Adam Thain stranded on the remote desert island of Karimunjawa, Indonesia. While sheltering from the storm Adam met a local man who looked after him and helped him get back to the mainland. During this time he introduced Adam to his son-in-law who manufactured beautiful, reproduction mahogany and teak furniture. After a few weeks Adam returned home and brought the idea of bespoke garden furniture home with him.

Adam set up as Wealden Fine Furniture and began manufacturing a range of bespoke, premium quality teak garden furniture, starting with a relatively local customer base. With the advent of the internet, however, he was able to expand the business and start supplying garden furniture to customers nationwide.

Over the years, the business continued to grow, expanding the range from just garden furniture to include kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and conservatory furniture, as well as garden, celebration and commercial benches. At this point there were over 300 different items in our collection, all designed in-house. 

When the recession hit, the decision was made to streamline the business, focussing solely on garden, celebration and commercial benches going forward, as these were proving to be consistently popular with our customer base. Wealden Benches was born.

As our customers’ needs changed, we changed with them, adapting our processes to meet our customers’ changing needs. Recently, we invested in a CNC computer engraving machine, which would allow us to personalise benches to meet customers’ specifications – whether they want a simple name, date, message or even an image. By investing in this machine we enabled ourselves to provide a consistently high level of customer service and a superior product, without having to increase our prices.

Through a combination of our dedication to high quality, our ability to adapt to changing market conditions, having full control of the supply chain and understanding our customers’ requirements we have been able to grow Wealden Benches into the business it is today.